Laws are for other people who break the law

ONE of the roundabouts of San Fuengilico CV-860 where breathalysers have been held

A driver from Elche has lodged an official complaint against all San Fulgencio Local Police officers with the Provincial Traffic Authority for breathalysing drivers on roads he believes they have no powers over, such as at one of the roundabouts on the CV-860.

This crusading driver admits that he was one of those ‘caught’ behind the wheel under the influence, an offense for which he was tried and sentenced, but maintains that the officers who stop vehicles on the CV860 and demand to see paperwork and breathalyse them, are not authorised to do so.

He also states checkpoints are not correctly signed and are therefore dangerous. He has provided diagrams showing where the checks were carried out and said that these tasks are the responsibility of the Guardia Civil.


He also obtained dates from the provincial traffic authority for drunk-driving prevention campaigns carried out in 2013 and proved that the day he was stopped was not one of these.


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