Spaniards protest bullfighting courses in schools

© Axel Alvarez, shutterstock

THOUSANDS of Spaniard campaigners will present a petition opposing plans to start bullfighting courses in state schools on Wednesday November 4.

In October, Spain’s Education Ministry proposed a draft motion to introduce bullfighting courses as an optional subject for Spanish students aged 15 to 17. The subject would be available for students who chose to take vocational training after completing compulsory education.

The full-time two-year course will be offered to colleges in the country, with each region given the right to accept or decline the controversial subject.


The course would be called ‘Tauromachy and Auxillary Ranching Activities,’ and students would learn both theoretical and practical aspects of bullfights.

Carlos Moya Velázquez, who started the petition, wrote on “They want to perpetuate a tradition in decline by teaching 15-year-old children to torture animals, making a mockery of the already damaged reputation of the Spanish education system.” 

The petition ha received over 430,000 signatures from supporters in both Spain and abroad. About 70 per cent of signatures are from Spain and 30 per cent from countries such as Argentina, Venezuela and Peru.

Last week, the European Parliament voted to end bullfighting subsidies worth up to €125 million a year. This was taken as a victory for animal rights campaigners.

Spain’s Education Minister, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo defended the proposal saying bullfighting was part of a “long tradition in Spain,” he told Europa Press.


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