Mango-Fest is here!

© Ramnath Bhat, Flickr

VELEZ-MALAGA council has announced that the first Axarquia Mango Festival will be held in the town from November 5 to 15.

Commerce councillor Ana Campos and Cesar Diaz from the Gastronomic Brotherhood of the Avocado and Mango, explained that the event will include all sorts of mango-related activities including tastings on the street, talks for school children on the fruit, gastronomy days at various local bars and restaurants and promotion on social media. She went on to add “in the agricultural industry, production of subtropical fruit such as avocados and mangos are one of our main sources of income, not just in Velez Malaga but in the whole Axarquia area.”

“Activities of this type give them added value,” she said. “This council intends to work to promote and encourage activities of this type which can also benefit local businesses that take part.” The council will also be organising tastings in various places including schools and the market.


She also said that social media will be playing a big role in the promotion with various bloggers describing different characteristics of the product, which are typical to the area. Cesar Diaz said that 11 local bars and restaurants will be taking part in the gastronomy days, offering different dishes with mango as one of the main ingredients. “We’re sure this activity will receive a warm welcome and we invite everyone to come along and try the dishes.”


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