Flight from Gibraltar diverted

© Maciej Bledowski
Passengers delayed at Heathrow

AS IF there wasn’t enough disruption with flights to London Heathrow because of the blanket of fog which covered the UK, flight BA491 from Gibraltar was diverted to Madrid on November 1 due to technical problems with the aircraft.

As the pilot had identified a problem with the airspeed sensors, Madrid airport was put on alert and emergency services were deployed in case of a difficulty with the actual landing which was completed safely.

Passengers were disembarked at Madrid and found hotels by BA which then re-booked them onto the next available flight but due to ongoing fog in the UK, there was no guarantee of when that would be and subsequent flights out of Gibraltar were also delayed.



  1. I thought that years ago when government stopped one having coal or wood fires that that was done to stop fog or smog.
    We had just moved into our first house and had opened up the grate and had a load of wood delivered.
    Came home from work to find council letter telling me we were smokeless


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