Costa garden more colourful

NEW PLAN: Plants including pansies and begon ias will be put in green areas

MORE than 35,000 colourful plants have started appearing in Estepona’s parks and gardens to cheer them up for the autumn and winter seasons.

This year, Services Councillor Sergio Rodriguez announced 75 per cent more colourful plants, including pansies and begonias will be put into place in green areas including roundabouts and roadsides in an aim to ensure the town keeps its status as the garden of the Costa del Sol. Other similar projects in the town include its Tree Plan, which has seen more than 6,000 new trees planted over the last three years in an aim to reduce carbon dioxide levels and make the place look prettier.

Finally, the councillor explained, the lake at the Palacio de Congresos is going to be emptied and given a much needed thorough clean.



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