Three Moroccans arrested in Madrid on terror charges

© Spanish Ministry of the Interior
Jorge Fernández Díaz

THREE Moroccans were arrested in Madrid on November 2 and one day later the Secretary of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, spoke to Cadena SER radio and declared that the three men were planning to launch an attack in Spain.

He said that this action was part of an ongoing operation in the Cañada Real and Vallecas areas of Madrid but unlike other terrorist operations carried out in Spain in which 161 people had been arrested, mostly as part of Islamic State recruitment cells, the three Moroccan men arrested were operational.

The interview was quite detailed and during it, the Interior minister made the following statements;


“These people were not attracting, indoctrinating, radicalising, recruiting people to send them to Syria or Iraq to join DAESH and fight, but rather their aim was to act in Spain, which is a sensitive differentiating factor”.

He said all three had documents allowing residency in Spain “meaning they have been present in our country for some time”.

“This is a qualitative leap because it would seem this is a group that meant to execute the orders DAESH has been giving recently to all the countries it considers infidels.”

When asked the type of attack the group from DAESH (also known as ISIS or Islamic State) had been about to launch, Mr. Fernández Díaz replied: “Look at what has happened in all the other countries, the nearest ones, you have France in the north with the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and later attacks; also in other European countries, in Brussels, etc. and in other countries that are not in Europe”.

“It has all the hallmarks of attacks DAESH carries out, from using a knife against a person, attacking him, to, well, a Kalashnikov.”

He also went on to make it clear to listeners that Spain is still at a level four threat: “which means there is a high risk of a terrorist attack being carried out”.


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