Schoolchildren visit science exhibition

MICROCOSM: Learning about the African savanna.

MORE than 150 fifth grade students from the public schools in La Nucia, Muixara and Sant Rafael have participated in a number of activities.

Lately they undertook a guided tour of the exhibitions currently on show at the University of Alicante. The exhibitions explained the mysteries of the African savanna and insects: a microcosm of shapes and colours. Along with the One Heart workshop, there were free events organised by the Department of Culture in collaboration with the university and Museum of Biodiversity in Ibi.

Aside from having fun, students learnt about the important role insects play in the ecosystems and the surprising diversity of shapes, colours and behaviours and how they communicate. The exhibition is open until January 7, at the Llevant room of the Auditorium of the Mediterranea, and admission for the public is free.



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