Role of women’s association is ‘essential to Orihuela society’

AFAMMER RECOGNISED: Conference on Rural Women’s Association in Orihuela

THE work of the Afammer Family and Women’s Association in Orihuela has been highlighted by Mayor Emilio Bascuñana.

To mark International Day of Rural Women, the mayor met with the association and stressed the work of Afammer in their commitment to equal opportunities for women in rural areas, saying their “role is essential in Orihuela society because Orihuela has rural roots.” He also encouraged the group to continue “in this line of work and your work will be known and recognised, and the association can count on the support of the city.” The conference was held in the La Lonja auditorium and was attended by almost 250 people.

Afammer was created in 1982 with a clear primary objective; to recognise and support rural women so that they are no longer invisible and that their voice is heard in all national and international forums to achieve the challenge of real equality of opportunity. Through training activities and workshops they aim to get women in employment and give them greater confidence, power and knowledge. They give women, particularly younger women under the age of 45, knowledge of job search programmes and access to employment without having to leave their rural communities but to further enhance and enrich them.


They provide training in self-employment and encourage and promote innovation and entrepreneurship and the use of use technologies. Afammer is also dedicated to combating violence against women. Now, over 30 years later and Afammer has been present at national governments and parliaments and attended numerous international conferences and is also a member of the Department of Public Information of the UN. The organisation is today the leader of associations that integrate rural women, investing in and carrying out training for thousands.


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