Hundreds raised for Huntington’s Disease

HD SUPPORT: Friends and residents in Almoradi have helped raise €1,570 this year for the Huntington’s disease (HD) Association

OVER €500 was raised for the Huntington’s Disease Association.

Residents and friends of Almoradi attended the fundraising event at the popular Restaurante Giovanni to help raise funds in aid of the disease. The event was organised by Margaret Tozer and her sister Marion Smith, whose husband David suffers from HD.

Restaurant owner John and his staff generously gave up their time as well as donating all the prizes awarded during the afternoon’s fun filled meal and games. This is the third fundraising event held this year, bringing the total raised to €1,570 towards the charity.


For more information on Huntington’s Disease, visit the website or if you would like to get involved with organising a fundraising event in your area, please contact Marion Smith on 651 043 681.

Huntington’s Disease is an hereditary terminal illness affecting both men and women which destroys the pathways between the brain and the rest of the body, resulting in uncontrollable movements; loss of speech; incontinence and loss of memory function, to name but a few. It also causes changes in personality and depression.

Huntington’s Disease (HD) destroys everything that makes us recognisable as human beings and there is currently no cure. It has already claimed the life of Marion’s father in law, Vic and is now affecting her husband Dave and his younger brother Gary.


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