General knowledge test added to Spanish nationality applications

© Claudio Divizia. shutterstock

FROM now on, a series of 25 questions will be added as part of the new process for those wishing to apply for Spanish nationality, in addition to the €100 administration fee. 

Applicants will also be required to pay an additional €85 for the test. 15 out of the 25 questions are based on “Government, legislation and citizen participation in Spain” subjects, with the other 10 focusing on “Spanish culture, history and society.” A minimum score of 60 per cent score is required in order to pass.

The first written test designed by the Instituto Cervantes was held last week, and candidates will now take the test on the last Thursday of every month at any of the 60 authorised centres across Spain.


The test at last week’s sitting included 700 candidates, of which many were of Moroccan, Colombian, Bolivian, Pakistani and Venezuelan origins.

Candidates are required to know how long maternity leave lasts or what the correct technical term is to describe the Canary Islands weather.  Additionally, they are expected to know who is responsible for teaching co-official languages such as Basque and Catalan, as well as the name of the news program, which broadcasts on TVE every day at 3pm and 9pm. 


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