Floods in north Spain claim four lives in nursing home

© Josep Grin, Wikipedia
Four killed in Agramunt flood in north eastern Spain

FOUR residents of a nursing home in Agramunt, north eastern Spain, have been killed on Tuesday morning after a river flooded its banks and hit the building.

Five residents were rescued and hospitalized from the facility in Agramunt, a town about 90 minutes’ drive from Barcelona. The Sio River overflowed after heavy rainfall and the water covered the ground floor of the nursing home.

Mayor of Agramunt, Xavier Secanell, spoke to Rac 1 radio and said that the flood hit not only the nursing home but also left much of the town itself under water just before dawn on Tuesday.


The mayor said that the downpours were not actually in Agramunt but torrential showers that fell further upstream led to the flood in the town. 

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy sent condolences to the families of the victims on twitter. 

Two days ago an 80 year old man in Portugal died after storms battered a seaside resort. Albufeira in Portugal was left with flooded stores, lost cars and washed out roads after the storm.


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