Ciudadanos run close second in Spanish opinion poll

© Carlos Delgado, Wikipedia
Spanish politician Albert Rivera at an event as president of Ciudadanos

ACCORDING to an opinion poll taken on November 1, the Spanish newcomer party Ciudadanos could come second to the ruling People’s Party, if December elections were to be held today.

Ciudadanos, the Spanish party, which was founded about a decade ago in northeastern Catalonia expanded nationally earlier this year, and is steadily gaining support over recent months on a message of change and zero tolerance for corruption.

The Metroscopia survey released by El Pais newspaper showed, the party’s backing had jumped to 22.5 per cent, putting it ahead of the opposing parties Spanish Socialist Workers and Podemos.


Ciudadanos have also become a key party for several regions in Spain. The party’s leader, Albert Rivera was rated the country’s best-regarded politician.

Opinion polls showed in recent months, a majority of voters turned their backs on dominant PP and PSOE due to perceived corruption and they were seen as the parties responsible for the economic crisis of the past decade.



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