Alleged jewellery thieves arrested in Lleida

© Grubel, Wikipedia

FIVE people suspected of being behind theft of €45,000 worth of jewellery from a shop in Motril have been arrested by the National Police in Lleida.

Altogether the group is believed to have stolen more than €110,000 during attacks on elderly and vulnerable people at or outside banks and jewellers shops in Madrid, Motril, Cadiz, Gijon and Lleida.

The suspects, three men and two women, were arrested immediately after they stole a woman’s handbag containing €3,855 she had just withdrawn from her bank in Lleida, the police force reported.


Although on this occasion the arrestees were carrying Mexican ID cards, passports and driving licences, they had been arrested in Spain in the past carrying false ID in other names from Guatemala, Venezuela and Cuba.


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