UPDATE: fog continues to disrupt England airports for a third day

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London fog with the Palace of Westminster in the background

UPDATED: parts of the UK continue to be affected by dense fog for a third day this week.

Airports struggle to resume flight schedules, as the north Midlands, northern England and southern Scotland are forecasted to be disrupted the most.

Heathrow airport has cancelled 11 flights on November 3, and eight in London City Airport so far.


Heathrow cancelled 129 flights on November 2, other airports in England were also affected.

The Met Office “be aware” fog warning has been lifted, but passengers are advised to check with airlines before heading to the airport. 

UPDATED: Heathrow airport has continued to cancel flights throughout Monday November 1 due to foggy weather conditions.

A reported 122 flights have been cancelled at Heathrow airport and a further weather warning have been issued.

The Met Office issues new warnings to “be aware” of fog until 12 pm GMT on Tuesday November 3.

Much of western Europe is facing problems due to foggy conditions.

Airlines advised passengers to continuously check flight statuses.

FLIGHTS across the UK have been disrupted for the second day due to poor visibility caused by thick fog in the early morning of November 2.

Around 45 flights from Heathrow airport have been cancelled and others from London City, Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff have also been affected.

Official Met Office figures have put visibility at 100 metres at Leeds Bradford, Manchester and Luton airports, and 150 metres at Standsted, Heathrow, Gatwick and Doncaster Sheffield.

England and Wales have been issued with a yellow weather warning and driving conditions are expected to be slow.              

A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Services said on November 1: “a car had appeared to hit a tree in very foggy conditions after a five-year-old-girl was found injured in a crashed car.”

“Major network disruption today due to poor weather conditions throughout Europe causing low visibility. This has resulted in a large number of aircraft and crew out of place for flights today,” Easyjet airline said.

“In addition we are seeing a lot of Air Traffic Control restrictions which has resulted in some delays, diversions and cancellations,” the airline added.

Passengers are advised to check their flight status before going to the airport.


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