November 1: UK records warmer temperatures than Barcelona

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According to the Met Office, Sunday November 1 has been recorded as the warmest November day in the UK.

Temperatures were warmer than Barcelona and the Algarve at 22.3°C (72.1°F) in Trawsgoed, Wales on Sunday.  In 1946, Prestatyn, Wales recorded hotter temperatures in November as well, when the mercury reached 21.7°C (71.1°F).

Meteorologist Nicola Willis said an “unusually warm air mass” for this time of year settled over the UK and “southerly winds brought warm air in from the continent and the settled conditions resulted in sunshine to that part of Wales.”


Maximum average November temperatures have been recorded at 13°C in southern England, 10-12°C across the rest of England and Wales, and 10°C in Scotland.

Willis added: “I would not be surprised if we saw a repeat performance.” She said there was a 20 per cent chance the record could be broken on Monday November 2.

More than 50 flights have also been cancelled at Heathrow airport due to thick fog.


  1. Well, well, well it is warmer in UK than Spain but we are the ones who have lost our Winter Fuel Allowance. We have heard nothing more about this being illegal – why not?? it was supposed to be going to the EU Court – has it or do we now take bottom place to the immigrants? More people are going to suffer this winter, even die because they cannot afford to heat their homes because of these cuts.


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