More self employed foreigners in Spain

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Boost in self employed foreigners in Spain

THE number of self employed foreigners in Spain has increased by 8 per cent since the end of last year according to the latest government statistics.

The rate of unemployment among foreign residents in Spain, 29 per cent, is higher than the rate for Spanish nationals, 21.1 per cent.

The “autonomo” fees have dropped somewhat which has made it easier for new businesses to be started. Every autonomous region in Spain except for Ceuta reported a rise in the number of foreigners employed on an “autonomo” basis.


The regions with the greatest rises in the number of self employed foreigners are: Catalonia (+4,498), the Balearic Islands (+4,339), the Valencia Region (+2,526), Andalucía (+2,420) and Madrid (+1,332).

The areas with the fewest number of foreign self employed workers are Extremadura, Galicia and Asturias.

The Chinese have more people registered as “autonomo”’ than any other nationality. They are followed by the Italians, Moroccans, Pakistanis and Bulgarians.

The majority of foreigners working on an “autonomo” basis are in the commercial sector (29%) and then the hostelry sector (23%), with significant increases in the real estate sector (+14.5%), manufacturing (+14.1%) and artistic activities (+12.5%).


  1. Interesting that government figures don’t add to the fact that they will no longer permit SC companies from 2016 ‘early 2016 if I remember correctly’, SC companies where a popular alternative to SL or SA companies especially forigners as they where easier and cheaper to set up and administrate while the partners ‘socios’ only had to pay a self employed national insurance etc. or in fact didn’t even have to if they where not on alta, now that this option is being taken away and with gestors knowing that is coming soon, I can only think that this is the reason for more autonomos!

    In saying my last statement I have also discovered there are many gestors who haven’t a clue this is coming as I mentioned this to a couple of my clients is conversation and they say this has not been brought to their attention, so maybe not all gestors actually know this is due… which wouldn’t actually surprise me either!


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