Iberdrola: the USA’s second largest wind-energy producer

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SPAIN’s national electricity board Iberdrola is the second-largest wind energy producer in the USA, according to the company’s latest figures.

Iberdrola generates more than 50 per cent of its worldwide wind power in the USA behind Nextera Inc. The electricity board is available in at least 20 states, with Texas being its greatest, where the company has helped turn the state into a large wind-energy production base.

Iberdrola’s wind turbines are able to provide 210,000 homes in Texas alone with energy as wind blows continuously throughout the day, across the state from the Gulf of México.


Despite the competition, with fossil fuels and petrol being cheap, Iberdrola’s wind farms are a success and in total, the company has invested €1.2 billion in Texas.

Texas state relies heavily on wind energy and ranch manager Joe Stiles says this would have been “unthinkable as little as 10 years ago.”


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