TV, internet and mobile habits to be studied

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Media habits to be studied

ALICANTE is to study and assess the media habits of residents.

The Department of Trade and Consumer Markets, led by Mayor Gabriel Echavarri, has decided to launch the ‘Observatory of Habits of Information Technology of the City of Alicante’ in collaboration with the Association of Viewers and Listeners and Users of Media Valencia (ATR-CV).

This consultative body, whose focus is the children and young people of Alicante, will aim to develop research activities, training and documentation to enable knowledge, analysis, monitoring, development and dissemination of public consumption habits of information technology, especially on the use of internet, mobile and television viewing habits. Among its main objectives are to encourage responsibility in digital consumer habits and prevent situations of harassment through the internet and social networking.


It is hoped that by knowing more about digital habits, as well as the changes taking place in this area, Alicante can carry out further research and action to prevent inappropriate and addictive behaviours.

The observatory will act as a permanent body for collection and analysis of information obtained through anonymous surveys. As a result, it will prepare periodic reports with recommendations and proposals on the media consumption and use of the internet by adolescents.


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