Good news for internet readers of The Sun

© Michaelpuche
The Sun on sale in England

TWO years ago, the management of the Sun newspaper introduced a weekly charge of £2 (€2.7) a week for customers to read its internet edition but recently returned chief executive of Sun owner News UK, Rebekah Brooks, told staff in an email it would make its online stories “largely free” by the end of November in a plan to add readers.

This charge, known as a ‘paywall’ is the only one levied by any of the ‘tabloid’ papers although a number of the ‘broadsheets’ including the Times do charge for access to their online editions.

This should be good news for readers in Spain who enjoy the content of the Sun but don´t wish to pay for the newspaper on a daily basis.



  1. good on them
    I never minded buying a paper here but did object to
    not getting the ‘freebies’ in the sunday papers when they were printed here


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