No more old, costly bulbs

LED LIGHTING: The change will reduce electricity bill and help the environment

Fuengirola’s council are looking to the future by installing LED low consumption lighting to the public areas of the borough, getting away from the old conventional costly bulbs. Jose Sanchez, the works and Infrastructures councillor has been on a visit to the Riverside Park to see how the work in installing the new lighting system was progressing.

As of now, the popular park will have the more economic and effective LED lighting which will considerably reduce electricity bills, as well as helping the environment. With a total of €142,500 being set aside for this by the Commonwealth of Costa del Sol municipalities, the councillor explained that the team has dedicated itself to converting the riverbanks of Fuengirola into a unique leisure and sports area in the province. More than €2 million has been spent on the park area which stretches for nearly one kilometre.

Altogether, 41 lampposts have been converted already, in addition to the nine situated in Castillo Sohail car park. What’s more, every time work is done on street lighting in future, LED lighting will be installed as the norm.



  1. Shame with spending that money they couldn’t have added some infrastructure to stop the park from flooding, it like not as if they didn’t know this would be an issue!!!!!


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