27,300 families sought charity aid in 2014


CARITAS has said that last year it helped a total of 27,293 families in the province of Alicante, which translates into a total of 76,940 people.

The charity organisation, which operates as part of the church and provides mainly food assistance to people in desperate need, has said that although 2015 is not yet over, it is expecting similar levels to last year, although there was a slight decrease during the summer months due to seasonal work being available.

“The perception that some parishes are noticing is that the rate of arrival of new people is not as high as before,” said the secretary general of Caritas Orihuela-Alicante, Javier Ruvira. Of those helped, over 50 per cent were Spaniards. Previously, the majority of citizens who came to Caritas seeking help were recent immigrants needing assistance until they could find work but Caritas said since the economic crisis, they are now offering aid to more Spaniards and foreigners.


Care for older people with problems of loneliness and homelessness from European countries has also increased. In fact, of all requests for assistance, 10 per cent correspond to the elderly who live alone and on a pension that is not enough to cover their daily living expenses. “And in many cases they are also helping their children and grandchildren who are struggling financially,” said Ruvira.


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