Pupils forced out as classrooms flood

PREFAB CLASSROOMS: A common sight in schools across the region

MORE heavy rain forced children out of the classroom and into the dining room for lessons.

Children at Torrellano’s La Paz school were moved as downpours caused flooding in the prefabricated classrooms that have been installed at the school for a decade, causing outrage amongst parents as they call on the authorities to take action. President of the AMPA parents’ association, David Diaz, said: “The situation in the school is getting worse.” He added: “The flood damage over the last few weeks has led to an expenditure of €6,000 for computer equipment; money that could have been saved and better spent if the school was in a better condition.

The leaks are not only in prefabricated classrooms, but have come to the school building itself, so it is increasingly urgent that serious measures are taken to address deficiencies.” Councillor for Education Patricia Macia has responded and said that municipal officials have found that there are leaks in the prefabricated classrooms.


They have contacted the company responsible for the maintenance of the school to tackle the problem and to clear gutters that collect rainwater. The councillor said she has also again asked the Ministry of Education to include the needs of schools in Elche in future budgets.


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