Private errands spark accusations in Torrox

© Wayne77

THE PSOE socialist party has accused Torrox’s Deputy Mayor Paula Moreno of using an official car for private matters after catching her taking her son to school in it.

This is the second time the Partido Popular councillor has been called out for using official vehicles for private errands, as last month Izquierda Unida party complained she was using it for her supermarket runs.

This time, the child seat in the back of the car was a dead giveaway, reported PSOE general secretary for Torrox Maria Estrella Toma, who has complained that the councillor has taken as her own an official vehicle which belongs to the Town Hall and is meant to be used to provide a service to the public.


The accused responded to the accusations stating that she works 24 hours a day and sees nothing wrong with dropping her son off at school with the official car as it is on her way to the office, meaning it doesn’t create extra expenses.

Moreno also stated she found the accusations out of place and accused the socialist party of having used official vehicles and chauffeurs at will while they were in power.


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