Cameras to roll in Marbella


A NEW political thriller by Jon Augustine is going to be filmed and produced in Marbella by a leading TV production company, providing great opportunities for local residents.

Wanda Halcyon Television of Europe has announced it will be filming Operating Naked-A Black-Bag Job in Marbella, Toronto and Washington DC with Marbella the base for production and the team is currently casting lead roles and location scouting, with supporting parts due to be cast in November.

The edge-of-your seat drama about US operatives during the controversial impeachment hearings from 1997-1999 is based on the author’s clandestine times as a Special Operations officer in the US army and is a fictional account of real life events, many of which happened in Marbella.


A critical part of the storyline happens in Marbella, where the main character interacts with members of Syrian Intelligence prior to the World Trade terrorist attack.

The producer’s showrunner Pat Andrew explained: “This is an exciting and relevant espionage story of political intrigue, subterfuge and murder, all taking place during the US impeachment hearings in the 1990s which givers the viewer an insider’s look at espionage and political intrigue on a global scale.”

Those interested in joining castings can contact [email protected]


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