Alicante launches Internet safety study


ALICANTE Town Hall has launched an initiative to aid in the prevention of internet harassment through social networks, especially aimed at young people.

The Department of Trade and Consumer Markets, led by the mayor of Alicante, Gabriel Echavarri, has decided to initiate the scheme to investigate habits among young people. It will cover information technology, researching and monitoring the use of the internet, mobile phones and television, with a focus on harassment via social networks of young people and children.

The organisation that is being set up will also encourage responsible use, help provide information to families with regard to safe and responsible use and prevention of addictions, and continue research on the subject. Anonymous surveys will be used and regular reports, recommendations and proposals issued.


The educational aspect will involve communication with both parents and adolescents on the responsible use of these types of media, internet, mobile phones and television, and the mayor hopes to involve the University of Alicante, Local Police and parents’ associations in the project.


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