Man tested for Ebola in La Coruña

© David Calabresi Shutterstock
Ebola patient in sealed unit

THE Galicia regional health authority released information on the afternoon of October 28 that the first Ebola test carried out on a 24-year old man from Guinea had come back negative and a second test will be undertaken on October 29 so that doctors will know by the weekend if the man is infected with the disease or not.

After the patient who reached Lisbon from Guinea on October 24 travelled to La Coruña by road, he reported to the casualty department of the University Hospital in La Coruña displaying worrying symptoms and he was taken in a sealed unit to Meixoeiro Hospital in Vigo where he was tested.

Infectious disease coordinators said in a press conference that he had shown clinical signs (including vomiting, diarrhoea and fever) after a recent visit to West Africa that indicated that Ebola could be a cause of his problems.



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