Dilapidated palace is no castle in Spain

PALACIO DEL ALMANZORA: Has seen better days

YESTERDAY’S des-res, especially if it is a palace, can bring big problems for small town halls.

Like most coveted properties, the Palacio del Almanzora has changed hands many times and undergone several transformations since the 16th century when it was built on the remains of a Moorish fortress.

Now it is on the verge of ruin and Cantoria council is doing what it can to save the present palace which dates back to 1872 and is regarded as the best example of neoclassic architecture in Almeria province.


Rubble is being cleared and the council plans to erect a temporary roof over the section that belongs to the town hall to provide a minimum of protection from the winter rains.

This is no more than a provisional solution, admitted Cantoria’s Finance councillor Carmen Mellado. The town hall now hopes to convince the owners of those parts of the palace remaining in private hands to follow suit.

The temporary roof will allow breathing space while the town hall studies how best to carry out a comprehensive rehabilitation which it admits is beyond its possibilities.

“Cantoria town hall’s economic situation is very bad but we are going to do everything within our power to save the palace,” Mellado pledged.


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