Cheap hotels in Costa Blanca

PRICE DROP: Prices have fallen by 18 per cent

HOTELS in Alicante this October have been placed among the cheapest in Spain after prices have fallen by 18 per cent over the same month of 2014.

According to the latest study by the price comparison site, hotel prices across the Valencia Region are an average of €86 per double room per night, a figure that represents an increase of 8 per cent compared to the price in October 2014 and a decrease of 7 per cent compared to September.

Among the Spanish cities studied, Castellón (€54), Huesca (€61), Murcia (€62), Tarragona (€64) and Santa Cruz (€68) are those with the lowest rates this month. By contrast, Barcelona (€173), Palma (€148) and Madrid (€146) are the most expensive and the only ones above the national average of €133.


In response to the price change from last year, the city that has experienced the most pronounced change is Alicante, with prices down 18 per cent from €88 to €72, maybe due to the increase in demand during October last year from the Volvo Ocean Race launching from the city.

Nationally, Oviedo has recorded the highest price rise with the average hotel room this month costing 30 per cent more than it did last October.


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