Beach facilities and services can stay open for longer

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BEACHES: Council measure will let people enjoy them until the middle of December

IN order to encourage employment and fight seasonal slumps, Marbella Town Hall has offered beach businesses the possibility to extend their activity until December 15 this year, according to Sustainability Councillor Miguel Diaz.

It’s the first time Marbella has put this measure into effect and 60 establishments have already signed up, mostly hotels. The continuation of services includes sunbed rental, nautical and children’s play areas, massage stands and beach bars, which are managed on seasonal contracts.

Under the Beaches Plan, approved by the town hall and endorsed by the Junta de Andalucia regional government, the season officially runs from March 25 to October 15, “but we understand that as a tourist destination with an exceptional climate these services should last longer in Marbella,” Diaz remarked. “There are lots of replies. The council team understands that this will benefit both the local economy and maintain jobs created in the high season and will also help fight seasonal slumps,” the councillor said, stressing that there are a number of long weekends coming up.



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