Barbara Windsor says those who don’t wear poppies can ‘sod off’

© hobvias sudoneighm, Wikipedia
Poppy Day ceremonies

FORMER Eastenders star Barbara Windsor is supporting this year’s Poppy Campaign organised by the Royal British Legion and she told the UK media that anyone who chooses not to wear a poppy can ‘sod off.’

Windsor is a strong backer of the Royal British Legion´s Poppy Appeal and when the 78 year old was asked why the Armed Forces were so important to her she said, “what would we do without them looking after us?”

There will be thousands of servicemen and women across the UK on Thursday raising money by selling poppies at railway stations. The aim is to raise more than £1 million in one day.


Windsor emphasised the importance of getting young people out to sell the poppies and added “I don´t care as long as I have a poppy in my lapel.”


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