Ambitious renovation project continues


A PROJECT to renovate the historical centre of La Herradura has now, six months after work began, reached Calles España, Las Flores and Canejas.

During a visit to see how work was progressing, deputy mayor and Services delegate Juan Jose Ruiz Joya explained that C/San Ramon, C/Blanquita and the lower part of Cuesta Peralta had been completed and Galle Granada was also nearing completion.

The project, the councillor explained, is the most important one undertaken in La Herradura in 40 years as it affects paving, pipes and utilities.


More than one hundred buildings in the area are affected by the work, which should put an end to years of damp problems and stop streets turning into mini-rivers when it rains due to a lack of adequate drainage.

Water outlets are also being put into place on the streets for municipal street cleaners and the fire brigade to use when needed.

The councillor thanked everyone involved in the project and apologised to local residents for the inconvenience caused.


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