Wi-Fi plans for Spanish rail networks

Sevilla-Madrid AVE Finally Returns To Its Normal Timetable
Sevilla-Madrid AVE Finally Returns To Its Normal Timetable. image: wikipedia

IN an attempt to modernise the rail network, the Spanish government announced plans recently for wi-fi connections to be offered on trains and in stations.

The result of ‘Wi-Fi y +’ collaboration between Renfe and Telefónica will mean that in the future, commuters will be able to browse the internet while travelling or waiting at stations. However, the project’s first phase will only include installations of wi-fi systems on the current 89 AVE trains and at 20 local stations.

On an AVE S-100 train, connectivity has been tested over the last three months. Renfe believe technical solutions to any problems that may arise have been identified. All S-100 train services and the AVE route between Madrid and Sevilla are planned to have the same system installed by November.


Wi-fi services are currently only available at Getafe Centro in Madrid and Plaza de Cataluña in Barcelona, allowing free 15-minute connections inside the station. 20 more stations are to receive the same pilot scheme. 


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