Training kits ready for students in the sports schools

SPORTS KIT: Representatives from the Town Hall and sponsors are ready to hand out uniform for those enrolled in the sports schools

OVER 1,000 training kits for students enrolled in the Municipal Sports Schools of Orihuela have begun to be handed out.

The kits include shorts and t-shirts for football, basketball, handball, tennis, and swimming with those in the athletics schools as well as rhythmic gymnastics also receiving training kit.

The free uniforms have been made possible thanks to the help of sponsors Bus Siguenza and Clequali.


In addition, Damaso Aparicio from the Department of Sports has announced that the Town Hall has resumed the distribution of water during competitions at the Municipal Sports Centres. Handing out water had been removed during the past three seasons, generating complaints and discomfort, but now the Councillor for Sports has confirmed the service will resume at a cost of around €1,200, at the Palacio del Agua operated by a concessionaire and all referees will also receive water this season. 


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