Stalker sentenced to two years in jail

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THE Palma Court has sentenced a man to two years for harassing and stalking his ex-wife repeatedly after their divorce.

The events took place in October and November 2012 when the victim confessed she wanted the divorce. The 43-year-old man did not accept the break up and began harassing her with the goal of controlling every aspect of her life. He would call her persistently at home and at her workplace, sometimes anonymously. He would also visit the woman at her work and home, and threatened her in front of their underage children.

He also called the university where the woman was studying at the time claiming that she cheated during exams, which was found to be untrue, among other false allegations.


In addition, the man had access to the victim’s personal e-mail account, which he used to send messages impersonating her on several occasions.

The man confessed to all charges and accepted a two-year sentence in prison. He has also accepted a restraining order from his ex-wife for a period of five years. 


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