Palma airport takes on virtual assistants

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Palma de Mallorca Airport Terminal C

PALMA de Mallorca airport has a new virtual assistant to help passengers prepare for security checks.

The Tensator Virtual Assistant system, already in use at large international airports including Heathrow, Dubai and Frankfurt, aims to speed up the security process and make it easier for passengers by providing them with information from the start to allow them to arrive fully prepared for inspections.

Virtual assistants create the illusion of a real person using the latest technology, and include movement detectors so messages will stop when nobody is nearby and start again when people approach.


At Mallorca airport they have been placed just before the automatic boarding pass reading doors and will speak Spanish, Catalan, English and German.

This is one of just 150 measures included in the Palma de Mallorca Airport 365 scheme, which aims to improve safety, signing and comfort and offer passengers the best possible service every day of the year.


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