Jail sentence called for driver in Spain’s worst train disaster

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The Driver's Carriage

ON Tuesday October 27, public prosecutors called for a four-year jail sentence for Francisco Jose Garzon Amo, the driver responsible for one of Spain’s worst rail disasters.

The accident that happened on July 24 2013 claimed 80 people’s lives after the high-speed train went off rails and crashed into a siding near Santiago de Compostela. Victims’ families are to receive €42.9 million (£31.4 million) in compensation.

Investigations found that Garzon was driving the train while talking on the phone shortly before the crash. The public prosecutor’s office said in a statement: “In terms of civil responsibility, for death, injuries and damages, the public prosecutor’s office asks that the victims of the accident receive compensation of 42,898,962 euros.” The statement also added that Garzon be charged for 80 accounts of reckless homicide, 144 counts of injury, be banned for driving trains for five years, and in addition to four years in jail.


Charges were dropped against several other officials that judges had interrogated. Victims’ families demanded a parliamentary commission to investigate what caused the crash as the driver was not the only one responsible.

The court said on October 7: “The direct and immediate cause, which decidedly set in motion the unfortunate accident… was excessive speed.”

Garzon wrote a letter last year begging for forgiveness from the victims’ families, saying he was ‘destroyed’ by the tragedy.


  1. Why hasn’t this self-confessed killer it been sentenced yet! What is wrong with you people?
    80 counts of manslaughter and nearly 3 years on, after an open admission of guilt, no sentence.

  2. If you rent out a property without a license chances are you will be fined 30,000€ or get someone to give you a hand for an hour and not register them on social security and caught you will be fined €6000, all on your doorstep within a few weeks! Kill people through not doing your very well paid job when you work for the state owned rail company and things are a little different!

    Shows where the politicians have their preferences in Spain and the state the judicial system is in! 😉


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