High court determines error made by jury

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A MAN from Canjayar who was sentenced to five and a half years in jail as accomplice to a crime of manslaughter over a man shot dead in November 2012 has had his sentence partially revoked by the Andalucian High Court.

The court has determined that the jury made an error in his accusation as it failed to explain exactly how BHG helped carry out the murder, and declared he would no longer have to pay his 20 per cent portion of the €200,000 for civil responsibility initially ordered by an Almeria Criminal Court. The entire amount now falls upon JJGH, the man accused of the murder and of illegal arms possession, whose 18-year jail sentence also remains intact.

The high court judge declared BHG’s only part in events was during an argument which broke out between the two men and the deceased, and his presence neither aided nor impeded the killer’s trip to find a gun and to shoot the victim.



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