Funny Beach go karts get permission to go


FUNNY BEACH in Marbella has been given the go-ahead to temporarily reopen its go-kart track by a judge.

The track was closed down by the Town Hall in August following a long-standing argument between the management and the authorities over whether go-karting is a sport or a leisure activity.

Now a judge has allowed the track to open while the case continues and the council and management are preparing to work together to find a solution, a legal representative reported.


  1. So the company has now lost the income from the busy period of the season, I bet there will be no compensation for that and if there is it will be the locals that will pay for it and not the actual councillors that closed them down.
    If there is some comeback on this: Society needs to make the actual people who take decisions like this accountable and not the entity they work for, at least when it is a government/town hall authority that creates loss for people, this would also help on cutting down on corruption which is an absolute must in this country!


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