British father dies in Benidorm police custody

© Baironson pixabay

BRITISH father-of-two died while in police custody two hours after being arrested at Benidorm’s Hotel Palm Beach on Thursday October 22.

Anthony Abbott, a 36-year-old supermarket worker from Bolton was found covered in bruises, according to claims made by his partner. A Spanish police spokesman claimed that Mr Abbott, who was arrested for rowdy behaviour after a night out, had committed suicide. He did not give further information.

Two hours after the arrest of Mr Abbott, around 3am, police informed Catherine Corless, his partner, that he had died.  “We are just devastated, when I went to identify the body on Saturday, he had bruises all over his head,” Miss Corless said.


“I saw him being taken off. He turned to me and said I’m sorry, I will see you soon. I love you,” she added.

Miss Corless has returned to Bolton with her two children, and had been Mr Abbott’s partner for nine years. A funding page has been set up to help raise money for funeral costs and other expenses. 


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