‘Bous al Mar’ event not popular

‘Bous al Mar’: Many residents see it as very bad for the town’s image

Residents in Javea have shown their disapproval of traditional fiestas in particular the Bous al Mar, an event which sees Bulls enclosed in a square chasing participants into the sea, with many of the bulls ending up in the sea.

An online survey has revealed that residents no longer see the sense in these types of fiestas, which falls in line with the national consensus and has seen many town halls prohibit bull- fighting and similar types of fiestas, which are seen as senseless acts of animal abuse, and deciding to use the money usually funding these for more worthy causes, including education.

A third of residents who took the survey saw this fiesta as very bad for the town’s image. Residents have however shown their approval for other traditional fiestas, including the fiesta de San Joan, Moors and Christians and the Nazarene.


They have expressed their delight at the return of the fireworks displays in the port of Javea, after the suspension last year due to the council refusing permission due to safety concerns. It has returned with 41.5 per cent of the residents rating the fiesta as very good.

Lastly the figures of the Baret fiesta speak for themselves, although the fiesta was closed four out of the six days due to bad weather, only 6,000 bottles of beer were left unsold out of the 52,500 purchased for the entire fiesta.


  1. Disgusting way to abuse bulls around uncivilized bunch of idiots .Why do they continue to torture animals if the residents are against it ???? How to ban the evil folklore who is not funny at all.


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