Beckham’s plan to add sports school to Miami stadium

© Brian MInkoff-London Pixels, Wikipedia
David Beckham

DAVID BECKHAM plans to build a sports high school at the new soccer stadium in Miami in a quest to bring a Major League Soccer (MLS) team to the city.

The retired English soccer player’s investment group discussed a proposal by Miami’s public education authority under which the school ‘Beckham High’ would be included as part of the stadium’s development. The school would be built on a 10.5-acre site owned by the city in the Little Havana neighbourhood.

Beckham’s Miami soccer team – Beckham United – would gain from use of the land and exemptions from country property taxes. It would also pay $850,000 (about €768,000) a year for 60 years, a total of $51 million (about €46 million).


Beckham spokesman Tadd Schwartz said, “The idea of a partnership between Miami Beckham United, the city, county and school system benefiting children across Miami-Dade is exciting, but we have a great deal of details to iron out before an agreement is finalised.” 

According to the deal, Miami’s public school system would be able to use the stadium for ceremonial events like graduations.

Schools superintendent Alberto Carvalho said: “I can say the concept of a ‘Beckham High’ resonates quite strongly with me.”

 Beckham United said it will finance the stadium’s construction privately but are still looking for a bargain on public land.

MLS plans to increase its number of teams from 20 to 24 by 2020 with new teams announced for Minnesota, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.


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