1,900 people were sent life threatening letters in the UK

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In the last four years, UK police warned nearly 2,000 people that their lives might be under threat, according to figures.

At least 1,948 life threatening letters have been issued by 27 UK police forces since 2012, but numbers could be higher as West Midlands, Merseyside and Greater Manchester refused to provide figures.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) said in most cases, the letters, also known as Osman warnings, proved ‘highly effective.’ The letters are issued once police become aware somebody’s life is being threatened.


The Press Association gathered figures from the most Osman warnings from Nottinghamshire Police (248) and a lower number from South Wales Police (97), between 2012 and 2014.

An NPCC spokesman said; “Osman warnings are one of a number of options that police forces can use to deal with a situation when there is a threat to an individual’s life. The police response will always need to be proportionate and will be relevant to the unique factors of any specific threat situation under consideration, taking into account all available information including the level of the threat and how imminent it is.

“Osman warnings have proved highly effective in the overwhelming majority of cases, ” he concluded.



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