Spanish Prime Minister will step down if PP doesn’t win general elections

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Mariano Rajoy

SPANISH Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy would not stay on as Prime Minister if the People’s Party (PP) doesn’t win the December 20 General Election, he said on Monday.

During a press conference, Rajoy said: “If my party does not win the most votes, I won’t run for Prime Minister.”

Spain’s economic crisis and unemployment could mean a loss in support polls for the PP. However, the economy is headed in a positive direction and the country´s tourism industry is on a very high rise, meaning there is room for optimism that’s been missing for some time.


A recent series of high profile corruption cases could potentially damage the PP’s credibility, as the party has not been tough enough on corruption within its own ranks.

Ciudadanos and anti-austerity Podemos parties have gained more votes in recent polls. 


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