Saudi Arabia’s ambassador wants more respect from Britain

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SAUDI Arabia´s ambassador in London has threatened “potential serious repercussions” for the two countries if a more respectful discourse is not developed.

In an article published in the Daily Telegraph, Prince Mohammed Bin Nawaf Bin Abdulaziz wrote: “Over the past few weeks, there has been an alarming change in the way Saudi Arabia is discussed in Britain. The Kingdom has always had to deal with a lack of understanding and misconceptions, but on this occasion I feel compelled to address some of the recent criticisms.

Prince Mohammed focused on a comment made by Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Britain´s opposition Labour Party as an example, that there was a “mutual respect being breached”. In Corbyn´s speech at the Labour Party´s annual conference in September, he criticised Riyadh for Ali al-Nimr´s case, who was sentenced to death by crucifixion and beheading for taking part in anti-government protests at the age of 17.


The Labour Party leader asked Prime Minister David Cameron to pressure Saudi authorities to spare Al-Nimr and cancel the £5.9 million (about €8,1 million) prison consultancy contract with Saudi Arabia. This was then cancelled on October 13.

He also added in the article that Saudi Arabia and Britain were close military allies, and his country was an invaluable source of intelligence on terrorist activities.

Prince Mohammed continued to write: “We want this relationship to continue but we will not be lectured to by anyone.” No comments have been given on the ambassador’s article. 


  1. The Ambassador should not heed any words that come from Corbyn’s mouth. And he should realise that what Corby, or anybody else said, is not the belief of the public.


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