Rains slow beach improvement project


THE Mayor of Altea, Jaume Linares and the Councilor for Urbanism, Imma Orozco, yesterday visited the beachfront, along with the project director, Auxiliadora Jordá from the company Tragsa, to check progress.

Currently the works being carried out are trying to drain the water from the beachfront and remove the sludge that is created there.

The councilor has stressed that although they would like for the works to be carried out at a faster pace, the recent weather conditions which have seen extreme heavy downpours are hindering efforts, but they are satisfied that the project is moving at a reasonable and manageable pace, stating that they believe that the project is still on target to ensure that the area is ready in time for the tourist season next summer.


Although the project affects many of the nearby establishments including restaurants and bars, the mayor has reiterated that the process is necessary and better to be carried out during the low season to ensure that all is in order for the forthcoming busy tourist summer season, adding that the mud extraction process currently underway should hopefully be completed within the next few weeks.


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