Plaza de San Esteban site to be regenerated for tourism in Murcia

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MURCIA Town Hall and the regional government presented plans to make use of the Plaza de San Esteban.

The archaeological site was previously planned for building a new car park but plans were stopped in 2009, when remains of the old Moorish city were found.  The city council presented various ideas on regenerating the area in an aim to attract more tourists to Murcia.

Plans included building a museum and other structures while leaving the remains as a tourist attraction, construction a plaza, and as originally intended, building a car park over the top. However, none of the plans has been able to move forward due to lack of funds.


Mayor JoséBallesta and Regional Minister for Culture Noelia Arroyo estimated €15 million in expenditure for converting the site into a public square. At the same time, additional work would have to be done on nearby streets and the Renaissance church of San Esteban.

The mayor revealed that a third of the estimated fund would be available next year and the rest would have to be sourced via different channels. No commitment dates have been given as to when the project will start or finish. 


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