Madrid shepherds honour 600-year-old tradition


FOR the 23rd time since 1994, Madrid saw a herd of 2,000 sheep follow an old tradition on Sunday. 

Farmers in Madrid paid an equivalent sum of 100 maravedis (medieval Spanish copper coins used in the 11th and 15th centuries) for the right to herd sheep through the Spanish capital. 

By terms of an agreement reached on March 2, 1418, between the city council and the shepherds’ guild, farmers also have rights to graze the city for an additional four days. Some main roads in the capital were closed off for the tradition. 


The flock of sheep from Esparragosa de Lares, Badajoz , was guided through from Cuesta de la Vega to Calle Mayor, the Puerta del Sol and Calle Alcalá, and ended the journey at Plaza del Cibeles. 

Secretary General of Agriculture and Food, Carlos Cabanas, welcomed the ovine visitors and spoke about the importance of herds of sheep in Spanish rural towns. 


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