Investigation into flight diversions

© Danny, Flickr

AN investigation has been launched to determine why two planes were unable to land in Mallorca or Menorca and had to do so in Ibiza.

On September 4, a Boeing 757, operated by flying from Manchester to Palma with 208 passengers and eight crew members on board was unable to land due to storms.

It was given authorisation to land at Son Sant Joan airport, after already having requested to be diverted, but weather conditions were too bad. The pilots asked for permission to land at Menorca airport, but storms also prevented it.


After an hour of failed attempts, it was low on fuel and after sending out a mayday headed to Ibiza where it landed without incident.

The Committee for the Investigation of Civil Aviation Accidents and Incidents, has opened an investigation.

Three days earlier, a Thomas Cook flight from Norwich, carrying 186 people, also had to request an emergency landing in Ibiza due to the weather conditions. The Airbus A321 had been unable to land in Mallorca or Menorca because of the wind, rain and hailstones and was running low on fuel 


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