Former Catalan President’s offices raided by Spanish police

© Flickr
Jordi Pujol

SPANISH police raided dozens of houses and the former Catalonian President Jordi Pujol’s offices, on Tuesday morning in money-laundering and tax fraud investigations. 

About 200 agents took part in the searches in Barcelona and Madrid, a police spokeswoman has said on condition of anonymity in keeping with police regulations.                                                 

The investigation is based on the origin of Jordi Pujol’s family fortune that was hidden in Andorra for decades, as well as business deals of three of his sons. There were no arrests reported.


In a separate probe, police previously made arrests and carried out raids on a Catalan regional government office and the Convergence Party headquarters. The party is currently led by President Arthur Mas, the person at the centre of Catalonia’s fight for independence.

In Catalonia’s parliament last year, Pujol said he was not corrupt during the 23 years he had been in power; however, he did not disclose details of his family’s wealth.


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