CLINICA B&J: Professionals specialised in providing custom dental solutions

MODERN AND COMFORTABLE: B&J Dental Clinic in La Herradura

B&J DENTAL Clinic, run by Doctor J Novo, is located in Calla Plaza Nueva, La Herradura.

What sets this dental practice apart is its team of highly-qualified professionals who provide comprehensive solutions to dental problems, customising the treatment to each patient. To this end, we undertake continuous training in order to remain up-to-date with the latest technology and dental advances. B&J Dental Clinic has its own dental laboratory where we manufacture all types of dental prostheses.

This enables us to provide an enormous range of possibilities for each of the specialties involved in dentistry, reducing lead times and costs, and carefully controlling our own prosthesis manufacturing step by step. Two of our latest acquisitions are the TAC 3D machine used for guided surgery in order to minimise risks, and LASER DENTAL, which allows us to perform multidisciplinary dental treatments in quick session, all minimally invasive and pain-free.


We have spacious and comfortable facilities to make our patients feel at home and relaxed during the consultation. We also have relaxation techniques, and provide special goggles so that patients can watch movies during treatment. In order to have the perfect mouth, a multidisciplinary treatment is almost always necessary.

At B&J Dental Clinic we provide a service which offers all dentistry specialties and we ensure the success of our work because for us our patients are our top priority.

For more information or appointments, please call: 958 827 924 or email us: [email protected]


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